Demon In The Attic

 This short film screenplay shows an example of how someone could be constantly thinking about suicide and keep it hidden from the people who care most.

Vision Tree  

 This story takes place in a post-apocalyptic society that is hyper-controlled (think North Korea on steroids) and a completely contrasting agrarian society. It is an attempt to show what a person might go through when they experience freedom for the first time.

 Old Guard

 This story could take place today, where an older experienced man must bridge a generational gap with a young hotshot woman who has just been made his partner. It is in both of these people's interest to build a firm partnership if they are to solve an investigation into who attacked the electric grid just before winter.


What would happen if governments started printing currency that could control the population? Could someone be using the governments as a tool? What if the control agent in the currency has side effects that could cause psychosis or suicidal in people?

Blessings of a Mermaid  

 This is fantasy story about what might happen if a mermaid went against her societal norm to use an ancient technique to rebuild the mermaid race, but may end up damaging the human race.